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50 Alternatives to the Book Report


  1. Character Astrology Signs
  2. Heroes and Superheros
  3. Create a Childhood for a character
  4. Critique from the point of view of a specific organization
  5. Social workers report
  6. College application
  7.  School counselor’s recommendation letter
  8.  Talk show invitation
  9.  Radio exchange
  10.  Movie recommendations
  11.  Create a home page
  12.  Chat room conversations
  13.  E-mail directory
  14.  Title acrostic
  15.  Cartoon squares
  16.  Word collage
  17.  Yearbook entries
  18.  Letter exchange
  19.  Awards
  20. Talk show on issues in the novel
  21.  Dream vacation
  22. Scrapbook 
  23. Photos or magazine pictures
  24. Music
  25. Poetry
  26. Twenty questions
  27. File a complaint 
  28. Tangible or intangible gifts
  29.  Talk to the author
  30. Point of view column
  31. Character monologues 
  32. Make up a word test for the novel
  33. Answering machine message
  34. Found poems
  35. Name analysis
  36. A character’s fears
  37. Current events
  38. Advertisements
  39. A pamphlet 
  40. Draw a scene
  41. New acquaintances 
  42. Book choices for character
  43. Community resources for characters
  44. Family history
  45. Detective work
  46. The dating game
  47.  Create a character’s room
  48. CD collection
  49. Photo album
  50. A character alphabet 

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